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Daffodil Facts

In Wales, the daffodil is a symbol of our patron saint, David, (Dewi Sant in Welsh) and of rebirth and faithfulness because they bloom every year even after the harshest winters.

There are 2 theories as to why it is called Narcissus: 1. The youth Narcissus was so enamoured with his own reflection that he ignored the poor nymph who loved him and died. The narcissus flower grew where he died. 2. From the Greek 'narkao' which means to benumb. This is possible as the daffodil is poisonous to animals. Maybe this is why the Great Orme goats leave the daffodil alone. When planting daffodils we recommend you keep any pets in doors if they might try to eat the bulbs Despite their toxicity, daffodils were used in traditional medicine for centuries. The bulbs were pounded and made into a paste that was applied to wounds, gout, burns, and joint pains and was effective because of its astringent properties. T he flowers and bulbs were also used for hysteria and even epilepsy. Today daffodils are cultivated for pharmaceutical purposes as they contain galantamine which has been found to be effective in warding off symptoms of Alzheimer's and poliomyelitis The Welsh ones apparently have a particularly high level of galantamine. Of course, we don't recommend this is something you try at home!

There is much debate about how the daffodil became the national flower of Wales. Although it's probably quite te obvious why if you consider that St David’s Day is on 1st March when daffodils are usually in bloom..

Daffodil in Welsh is Cenninen Pedr which means Saint Peter’s Leek. The leek is the symbol of Wales and this is Cenhinen in Welsh.

There are over 25,000 varieties of daffodils and they come in yellow, white, orange and even a peach/pink shade.

There are many types of daffodils: Trumpet, Large-cupped, Small-cupped, Double, Triandrus, Cyclamineus, Jonquilla, Tazetta, Poeticus, Bulbocodium, Split-corona, Wild Variants and Wild Hybrids. Also , miniature versions of each exist.

According to Chinese legend, the daffodil is a symbol of good fortune. If a daffodil blooms in your garden on New Year's Day, your house will have good fortune for the entire year.

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It is believed that the only Welsh-born Prime minister of Britain (1916-22), Lloyd George popularized the daffodil as a symbol of Wales as he wore it to all public engagements in his lapel. He even wore it when Prince Edward was invested as Prince of Wales at Caernafon in North Wales in 1911.

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