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Daffodil Arts and Crafts

How to make a 3D paper daffodil.

You will need
• Yellow paper or card
• Craft stick(s) or green drinking straw(s)
• Glue
• Scissors
• Green paint or crayon

1. Paint your craft stick green or colour it with a green pen or crayon

2. Cut a star shape and a rectangular strip out of the yellow card. (Star shaped cookie cutters make great templates to trace around).

3. Roll the strip into a circle and secure with glue or tape. Put glue on one end of the paper circle and attach it to the star.

Another idea for this part is to use a cardboard egg carton. Cut out one of the egg holders,colour it in and stick it to your star shape.

5. Glue your craft stick or drinking straw to the star

If you want to get really clever you can make leaves out of green card/paper and you can even put it in a vase or pot. To get your daffodils to stand up in a pot put foam or florists oasis in the pot. This would make a cute table centerpiece the kids can make for Spring or Easter!

Daffodil Badge
Forget the stick/straw and stick a safety pin onto the back instead!

Daffodil Bunting
Make lots of the flowers and attach them together by sticking a piece of string to the back of them

To make a Daffodil Windmill you will need:

- yellow paper/card in a square
- green paper
- scissors
- egg box
- paper fastener
- paints or crayons
- stapler

1. Cut out the cup part of the egg box . This is going to be the trumpet part of your daffodil. Paint it yellow or orange, depending on what colour you would like in the centre of your flower.

2. Once any paint is dry you need to cut lines into the yellow square of card. See the photograph

3. Fold in four of the edges and fasten them in place together with a stapler. See the photograph

4. Make a stalk for the flower by rolling a piece of the green card in to a tube.

5. Use the paper fastener to join the egg box trumpet, the daffodil and the stalk all together. Make the hole to be loose enough for the daffodil to spin round.

daffodil capital of wales windmill

daffodil capital of wales windmill

daffodil windmill 3.jpg

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